Pendidikan Bahasa dan Sastra Daerah

Head : Yuli Kurniati Werdiningsih., S.S., M.A.

Ini adalah konten contoh, konten ini dapat dirubah melalui akun prodi. First, self-containment tends to improve the ability for internal coordination within the unit. At the same time, the need for developing and maintaining extensive external coordination mechanisms is reduced. Second, a clearer focus on the purpose itself�serving a specific customer or market�is enabled. On the other hand, the sense of independence may result in a drift-off from the achievement of the overall objectives of the organization. Therefore, several authors have emphasized the need for establishing control systems that serve the purpose of allowing decentralized decisions, while still aligning all sub-units to the overall goals of the organization (Drucker 1954, Koontz & O�Donnell, 1964). Departmentalization by process, on the other hand, seeks to benefit from the advantages that are found in high specialization, and tends to be very efficient in some instances. A high degree of specialization leads to the development of proficiency and professional competence, as well as it enables, and implies, the development of centralized control functions.

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